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An Odyssey into What the World Could Have Been and What It Will Likely Be

Saul Brutus, a lobbyist for a questionable industry, is pulled into an alternate world with a different history than our own. In this strange journey, Brutus tours the strange world with his new partner Speaksall via land, water, air, and space aboard one multi- environment coach. He encounters a hyper-advanced society and even more advanced struggles, which make him realize the virtue of progress, the mistakes of our predecessors, and the consequences of his own choices.


Join our protagonist on a journey around the world, an alternate world that will make you re-evaluate our own. See what could have been possible with a different past and what future is possible with a different present.

why i wrote it

I first thought of an idea for a novel of a queen's court analogous to Elizabethan or Victorian England but set among the modern descendents of the Amazons, the legendary matriarchal society referenced by the ancient Greeks. That idea of an ancient world in a modern setting evolved into an alternative history of the survival of the Roman Empire, avoiding at a minimum the Middle Ages and the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Between the time I started the book and 2020 when I finished, parallels became self-evident between the signs predating the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and contemporary issues in the United States. The ultimate message of the book is to mind our choices as citizens, as a society, and as leaders, lest we look back with regret, especially if we risk repeating history.

P.S. The initial idea of a Victorian-like Amazonian queen's court did not survive into the final book but is potentially a book of its own.




“Readers with a particular and special interest in translating political and social events with an eye to understanding their intrinsic history-making opportunities will appreciate this highly recommended cautionary tale of conversion and newfound passion. The Alternative History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire offers an important message wound into the adventure component: "History is critical, but what is more of note is our present choices that will shape history, and I resolve to rectify my own choices and do my part to fight on the right side of history, and I will start by encouraging the lot of you to do likewise.”

- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review


“The comparison between the Roman Empire and the U.S. are striking. The timing, leadership and tactics facilitated the Roman Empire’s tragic end (compared to other empires, such as Persian or British which ended gradually & gracefully) mirror much of America’s own situation. Or, as his book suggests, the U.S. could possibly redefine a new modern day and wiser equivalent to that once dominant and respected Roman Empire.” 

- Marrett Ceo, Falls Church News Press


“The book is short and easy to read, and can be finished in one sitting. The author leaves no stone unturned and does a great job of portraying every aspect of this alternative universe. He also makes the reader really think about where we shall go from here and how the future might look like.”

- Rosaline R, Reedsy Discovery


“ With [the protagonist's] resolve in the face of looming calamity in the end, this science fiction tale becomes a clarion call about climate change, too forthright and vivid for even cynics to ignore. This is an eye-opener.”

- The Prairies Book Review


Containing both a rich story and an affecting depiction of ecological damage, Missaiel ’s novel is infused with eye-opening insights. This is an entertaining futuristic fiction that conveys an urgent social message.

- BookView Review


“What do you hope readers will take away from this story?
That pivotal choices and events determine the trajectory of history. Throughout history, events such as the fall of the Roman Empire, the burning of the Library of Alexandria, and the isolation of East Asia have impacted progress. Similarly, decisions made by our society and leadership will set the course of history for the foreseeable future.”

- BookView Review


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